Posted by: Jays | August 23, 2010

Basic of SAP HR


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  1. Hey..thanks for posting this information. It is very helpful…I am new to SAP HR and cant seem to figure out how it works..can you please elaborate how it is different from R/3 security, how the structural authorizations work and how do we maintain the org structure…Also I got completely lost when you started talking about the logical databases….i know these are a lot of questions but I just seem to be lost when HR Security is concerned. I would really appreciate your response… Thank you!!!!

    • Hi Shalini,
      Thanks for your comment, and I will surely get back with HR concepts in this weekend. No need to go through the database part, those are not security issue.
      I think you will be get your all answers in this weekend.

  2. hai jai, iam shaik …thanks 4 posting vaueble contents on HR security..really this is very helpful for those who want to expand their knowledge in hr .can u please post come matter on basics of BI security.. …
    eagerly waiting for ur posts

    thank q

    • Shaik, will be back soon with BI Security…..
      A very good Happy New Year to you………

  3. Hi Jai I am suresh…..i want to start sap Hr security and i got an offer for Ecatts can u help me out in getting more info on Ecatts and how to startup with security …. if i want to learn Security..

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