Posted by: Jays | October 27, 2010

Convert authorization field into an Organizational Level

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  1. The explanation on Org Level is very good.
    At the end, reference given to the SAP Note is also very good.

    Thanks a lot for sharing the information on Org. levels


    • Thanks a lot Rakesh…..:)

  2. really thanks a lot for sharing the information
    i am new to this one, i understand allmost all concepts except this-Convert authorization field into an Organizational Level.

    Please once again explain with the screen shots.


    • Thanks for your question 🙂
      When you install SAP systems, you require additional organizational level fields in the Profile Generator.
      Organizational level fields are specially flagged authorization fields that are of particular importance in the Profile Generator.

      You have to run through SA38, and input as Auth Field. nothing is there.
      If you are still not getting please let me know i will update soon. 🙂

  3. Hi Jay,

    Still I am not getting, please assist.


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